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Laser Blank Check Stock
with the best Security Features!

* Featuring our Heat-Reactive Thermochromic Security Icon on the check itself that cannot be copied!
* Plus a Coin-Reactive Security Icon within the endorsement area on the back!
* Security Features listed below
Highest Quality with New Colors, Background Pattern & Perforation Postitions!

Please call for pricing and to place your order.
Please call (800) 511-3676
Thank you!







Check out all the Anti-Fraud Security Features below!
Our check Security Features are unmatched in the industry,
and help prevent criminals from gaining control of your financial holdings!

   Security Features on THE FACE          ....on THE BACK
  1. Thermochromic Icon
    Red Key Icon with Heat-Sensitive ink disappears when heated.
  2. Chemical Stain
    Paper stock reacts to attempts to chemically alter the document.
  3. Microprint Warning Band Border
    When magnified reads “Original Document”. (When copied the wording is no longer legible).
  4. Microprint Signature Line
    When magnified reads “Authorized Signature”. (When copied the wording is no longer legible).
  5. Security Warning Band Border
    The most popular security warning band available.
  6. Padlock Icon Security Border
    References additional Security Features listed on check backer.
  7. Invisible Fluorescent Fibers in Paper
    Fibers in the paper stock are revealed under a Black Light lamp.
  1. Coin-Reactive Icon
    In the endorsement area. Key will appear with the coin when rubbed with a coin.
  2. Check Security Watermark
    When held at an angle, “Original Document” watermarking appears.
  3. Non-Negotiable Phrasing
    Secures voucher from alteration.
  4. Padlock Icon Box/Border
    References additional security features on check backer.
  5. Microprint Line Border Below Endorsement area.
    Line copy reads "Original Document". When copied the wording is no longer legible.
  6. Screened Check Back
    Deters duplication. Screening does not reproduce when copied.


We've been serving professionals and Businesses, like yours,
since 1984. Let us help you design a more Professional reflection
for your Business Check & Forms. From simply adding your Free
Company Logo to a complete new custom design, we can do it all!

Send us an email and give us a call with questions about needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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